School of Health Sciences and Technology

Collaborations and Networking Achievements - Department of Community and Public Health

The department recognizes the importance of having networks and collaborations with other academic and research institutions in the area of public health. The department already has ongoing collaborations such as with;

  • Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Policy, Ghent, Belgium
  • University of Benin, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria
  • Mojatu Foundation, Nottingham, England
  • University of Leuven, Belgium
  • International Centre for Reproductive Health, Ghent Belgium

One of the most recent collaborations that the department is proud about is that through the initiation of the department, TU-K got accepted to join the Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Policy based at the University of Ghent in Belgium. This provides an opportunity for TU-K faculty and students to engage with researchers and scholars worldwide who share similar interests, as well as exchange programmes to build capacity for research, academia and subsequently societal advancement.
Through our effective networking and collaborations, the department has also been able to get one of the First Class Honors students, Benjamin Kioko a scholarship to undertake a fully sponsored International Masters in Public Health at Tsinghua University in China. He will leave for China during the last week of August 2018.
The department also organizes academic and research seminars for the various members of the department still undertaking their studies, as well as inviting other guest speakers to speak about various public health topics. One of our recently organized university wide public lectures took place in 2017 where we had the Mrs Jackie Morris, Councillor, Sheriff and Former Lord Mayor of Nottingham City, England talked about ‘Tackling Female Genital Mutilation’. We are also in the process of planning a sexual and reproductive health short course training in collaboration with University of Benin, Nigeria.
The members of our department are also very active in research as individuals and with teams. We have a number of PhD students and staff undertaking vibrant research in the areas of public health such as HIV/AIDs, Human Papilloma Virus, Occupational Health Hazards, Female Genital Mutilation, Sexual and reproductive Health, Environmental Health among others. The department together with University of Amsterdam won a small grant 2016 Share Net International (grant) Contract C-106/2015 KIT proj. Nr. 2100637.05. Researching women and men with Infertility: a quantitative and qualitative study on IVF treatment and fertility support groups in Kenya. Through this project a number of bachelors and postgraduate students from University of Amsterdam and TU-K participated in collecting data, writing their thesis and disseminating in a seminar organized in Nairobi in December 2016. The research evidence is also presented in various local and international conferences.

You are therefore invited to be part of this vibrant community of public health professionals. Do not miss the opportunity to apply and join the department of community and public health.