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Dr. Isaac Alfred Orina - Publications


  1. James Nyabuga Nyariki1, John Kibuthu Thuita, Grace Kemunto Nyambati, Alfred Orina Isaac (2014). Coenzyme Q10 prevented full blown splenomegaly and decreased melarsoprol-induced reactive encephalopathy in mice infected with Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine 2014; 2(3): 230-238, © 2014 copyright by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine.
  2. Khalid Rashid a, b, Francis N. Wachira b, c, James N. Nyariki, Alfred O. Isaac (2014) Kenyan Purple Tea Anthocyanins and Co-enzyme-Q10 Ameliorate Post Treatment Reactive Encephalopathy Associated with Cerebral Human African Trypanosomiasis in Murine Model. Parasitology International: 63/2:417-426-DOI information: 10.1016/j.parint.2014.01.001.
  3. Mercy CHEMWOTIE 1, Francis Nyamu WACHIRA2,3, Raphael Muchangi NGURE1 , Khalid RASHID2, Nyachieo ATUNGA 4, Alfred Orina ISAAC5 (2014) Anthocyanin-rich tea stabilized glucose and cholesterol levels and accelerated wound healing in a diabetic mouse model. Submitted: Journal of Diabetes
  4. K. Rashid , F. N. Wachira, J. N. Nyariki, Lilian Kerio  and Alfred Orina Isaac. Ameliorating melarsoprol neurotoxicity (submitted to PlosOne (2014).
  5. James Nyabuga Nyariki, Paul O. Mireji, John K. Thuita, Rashid Khalid, Nemwel O. Nyamweya, Grace A. Murilla, Johnson O. Ouma, Raymond E. Mdachi, Ateya L. Okutoyi, Bramwel W. Wanjala, Anderson M. Wambugu,  Alfred Orina Isaac (2014).  Coenzyme Q10 and endogenous antioxidants neuro-protect mice brain against deleterious effects of melarsoprol and Trypanasoma brucei rhodesiense (Submitted to Plos NTD, 2014).


  1. K. Rashid , F. N. Wachira, J. N. Nyariki  and Alfred Orina Isaac (2013) Kenyan Purple Tea Anthocyanins  Cross the Blood Brain Barrier Reinforcing Brain Antioxidant Capacity in mice. Nutritional Neuroscience DOI:10.1179/1476830513Y.0000000081.
  2. Koech K. R.,  Wachira F. N.3, Ngure R. M., Orina Isaac A., Wanyoko J. K., Bii C. and Karori S. M. (2013) Antifungal activity of crude tea extracts.  African Journal of Agricultural Research: 8(19):2086-2089: DOI: 10.5897/AJAR2013.6742.
  3. Musasia K Fauzia, Isaac Orina Alfred, Masiga K Daniel, Omedo A Irene, Mwakubambanya  Ramadhan, Ochieng  Richard, Mireji O Paul (2013). Sex-specific induction of CYP6 cytochrome P450 genes in cadmium and lead tolerant Anopheles gambiae. Malaria Journal12:97.DOI: 10.1186/1475-2875-12-97.


  • Singh A, Isaac Alfred Orina, Luo X, Mohan ML, Cohen ML, Chen F, Kong Q, Bartz J, Singh N. - Abnormal brain iron homeostasis in human and animal prion disorders.PLoS Pathog. 5(3):e1000336
  • Singh A, Mohan ML, Isaac Alfred Orina, Luo X, Petrak J, Vyoral D, Singh N. - Prion protein modulates cellular iron uptake: a novel function with implications for prion disease pathogenesis. PLoS One, 4(2):e4468.
  • Dukhande VV, Isaac Alfred Orina, Chatterji T & Lai JCK. - Reduced Glutathione Regenerating Enzymes: Sexual Dimorphism and Neurodevelopment in the Rat Cerebral Cortex. Brain Res 1286:19-24.


  • Malthankar-Phatak GH, Patel AB, Xia Y, Hong S, Chowdhury GMI, Behar KL, Isaac A Orina and Lai JCK . - Effects of Continuous Hypoxia on Energy Metabolism in Cultured Cerebro-Cortical Neurons. Brain Res 1229:147-154.


  • Isaac Alfred Orina, Dukhande VV, Lai JCK. - Metabolic and antioxidant system alterations in an astrocytoma cell line challenged with mitochondrial DNA deletion. Neurochem Res. 32(11):1906-18.


  • Isaac Alfred Orina, Kawikova I, Bothwell AL, Daniels CK, Lai JCK. - Manganese treatment modulates the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in astrocytoma and neuroblastoma cells. Neurochem Res. 31(11):1305-16.


  • Isaac Alfred Orina, Ogoyi D, Limo M. - Isolation and Biochemical characterization of transferrin from tsetse fly glossina morsitan centralis The Egyptian Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Vol. 23(2) 2005: 169-182


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